Wolfsin Endurance 100


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The Endurance E100 radio operates on the cellular Network, this means it has unlimited range over the entire country as long as the radio has cellular coverage.


The Endurance has a lot of benefits and features. The main benefit is the LCD screen for easy viewing of who is calling, along with being able to easily select another channel, or private call anybody who is active on the network.

You can also clearly see who is calling as it provides name identification.

With the Endurance E100 you have unlimited channels, you do not need to pay for these channels and they can be set up or new channels added at anytime as the radio can be programmed over the air.

If the Endurance radio goes out of coverage it regains the cellular signal quicker.

The Endurance radio will also store up to 5 messages, so if the radio has been off or out of coverage when the radio is turned back on or logs back into the cellular network the user will hear a voice prompt telling them they have missed some messages. With this the user can then play back the missed messages to see if there was anything important for them.

During an SOS alert the Endurance radio also flashes RED and audio alert notifying the user that another radio has set off their SOS alert function. This is located on top of the radio and is bright orange for easy Identification

The Endurance radio also has a large capacity 4000mah battery offering longer talk and standby time, you will typically get approx. 12-14 hours each day out of the radio.


NOTE: To operate the E100 you require the following connection.

  • SIM Card
  • Data pack
  • Server connection

This costs $18.35 per month per radio and is on top of the purchase price of the radio. Once your purchase is made we will set this monthly fee up.




  • IP67
  • Large Capacity Battery
  • Blue-tooth capability
  • Wifi capability
  • Faster log in time
  • Tough radio built to last
  • Able to be tracked via GPS

Standard Package

  • E100 POC radio with Sim card, data pack
  • 4000mah battery pack
  • single charging pod
  • belt clip