Two-way Radio Hire and Leasing

Walkie Talkie can provide either short or long term Lease or Hire Agreements.

We hire and lease, Two way Radios and Systems to customers on short-term or long term contracts. You can rent an entire communications system for as long as you require, no matter if it is One Day, One week or One year. We will work with you to develop a tailored solution to satisfy the precise requirements of your business or organisation.

Radios can be leased on either the Personal Radio network, Walkie Talkies own frequencies or using the customer’s current frequencies. Our rental system covers hand held radios, all accessories and Portable antenna.

Our radios are ideal for Sporting events, Security/Investigation Agents, Construction Companies, Warehousing through to schools and in-fact anybody who wants Radio Communications for a Commercial or Private Operation. Our radios can be hired from anywhere in New Zealand as we will ship them to you.

Providing the very best equipment for delivery nationally, we offer our full range of services for one-off events, long term projects or regular short-term use. We are also able to supply equipment compatible with most users systems to help cope with increased operational needs, where extra equipment is required.

The radios and accessories are serviced before the next Hire/Lease period begins. This means that the radio will be in top operational condition before you use it. We also pride ourselves on our fast and effective servicing if a fault does happen to arise in the course of the lease or hire term. We will endeavor to always get another radio to you within a couple of days so you never go without.

We offer competitive rates for hire and leasing of Radios, Microphones, Chargers and other Accessories ranging from 1 radio to 100 radios.

Contact us and we will discuss your radio needs and provide you with a quote.