Expert advice on prs and 2-way radios

The key to getting the right 2-way radio for your requirements is to understand the main differences between models you are comparing, and how these relate with how and where you are going to use them.

Walkie Talkie’s managing director Owen Walton is one of the leading 2-way radio specialists in New Zealand. Owen can advise on which features will make a difference to the performance of the portable radios used in different circumstances – whether there is line of site between operators or if there are buildings or geographical features to consider, and the distance between points. Other factors to consider are the weather conditions, proximity to areas of congestion in airwave activity and operational demands like required battery life and concentration of usage (periodical or constant).

Owen and his team are available to go through all this with you to ensure you receive the best fit for your needs.

From Rexon to Walkie Talkie – bringing brand diversity to a supplier of quality 2-way radio

Owen was the first to bring leading handheld and portable radio brand Rexon into New Zealand in 2007, and still regards Rexon among the top commercial 2-way radio manufacturers on both quality and affordability.

“I started with the Rexon range because it met my criteria for offering a good range of products to suit different applications, at affordable prices within each level of application.”

From the recreational walkie talkies through to the higher performing commercial models, the quality of signal range and clarity as well as the durability of the equipment needed to be good enough for Owen to put his name behind it. The range had to include enough options to meet the demands and safety standards of a commercial entity operating in New Zealand’s tough conditions, without pricing itself beyond the reach of the average Kiwi hunter. Rexon ticked all the boxes.

The company has now expanded to include several other leading brands of two way radios and their accessories, and Owen applies the same due diligence in selecting only those manufacturers of 2-way radios that have a proven reputation for reliability, durability and performance.