Wolfsin DM6100 mobile

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The DM-6100 is a high quality DMR digital radio with crystal clear communications on both Digital and Analogue channels. Packed full of features you would normally only expect to see in top of the range radios the DM-6100 is an exceptional mobile radio.

  • Comes with 20ms ANI on analogue for forestry operations
  • 1000 channels available to be used
  • Big LCD display for easy viewing
  • Dual Priority Scan
  • Voice Auto Record
  • Comes in either VHF (136-174Mhz) or UHF (400-470Mhz) bands
  • Full Analogue Signaling
  • GPS option available
  • Blue-tooth option available
  • Remote Head option available

NOTE: you will need your own commercial channels for this radio which we program in for you.


  • DMR and Analogue channels
  • Comes in either VHF (136-174Mhz) or UHF (400-470Mhz)
  • 1000 channels available
  • Superior Digital Voice
  • Full Analogue Signaling
  • GPS option
  • Blue-tooth option
  • Remote Head option available
  • Lone Worker
  • DTMF/ MDC 1200/ 2Tone/ 5Tone Encode & Decode
  • Digital Encryption
  • Voice auto record

Standard Package

  • Mobile radio
  • mounting bracket
  • external microphone
  • power cable
  • user manual


Power Supply 13.6V DC +- 20%
Frequencies 136-174Mhz VHF  or 400-470Mhz UHF
Number of channels 1000
Maximum number of zones 250
Channel Spacing 12.5/ 25Khz
Operating Temperature -30°C  ̴  +60°C
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 46 x 160 x 175
Weight (g) not including installation 1315g


Frequency Stability 1.0 ppm
Power output 5W (L) 15W (M) 25W (H)
Modulation limiting +-2.5kHz@12.5 kHz / +- 5kHz@25kHz
FM Hum & Noise -40dB@12.5KHz / -45dB@25kHz
Conducted/ Radiated Emission -36dBm<1GHz, -30dBm>1GHz
Adjacent Channel Power -60dB@12.5KHz -70dB@25KHz
FM Modulation mode 12.5KHz: 11KOF3E / 25KHz: 16KOF3E
4FSK Digital Mode 12.5KHz (data only) 7K6OFXD 12.5KHz (data + voice) 7K6OFXE
4FSK Modulation Accuracy 5%@25°C, 10%@ extreme temperature
Audio response (300-3000Hz) +1 ̴ -3dB
Digital Protocol ETSI TS 102 361 -1,-2,-3
Audio Distortion <3%
Vocoder AMBE+2
Ext. Connector DB15


Analogue Sensitivity 0.35μV / -116dBm (20dB SINAD)
Digital Sensitivity 0.22μV / -120dBm (BER 5%) 0.25μV / -118dBm (BER 1%)
Intermodulation TIA603 70dB: ETSI 65dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity TIA603 70dB; ETSI 65dB@25KHz TIA603 60dB; ETSI 60dB@12.5KHz
Spurious Rejection TIA603: 75dB; ETSI: 70dB
Blocking 84dB
Rated Audio/Max Audio 2W / 3W
Audio Distortion @ Rated Audio 3%
Audio Response (300-3000Hz) +1 ̴ 3dB
Conducted Spurious Emission -57dBm <1GHz, -47dBm >1GHz ETS300086