RHP-530 Airband Handheld


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All drone users who require an Aviation approved Air-band radio for their operations look no further!!

This radio is ideal for Drone operators, recreational pilots and any user requiring aviation radios who require a high quality radio with built in blue tooth.

The RHP-530 is an aviation compliant handheld packed with features:

  • Comes with Built-in Blue tooth as standard and is complaint to NZ4583 standard for ground use.

We have partnered with a couple of organisations to offer a fantastic discount on the RHP-530 once you have completed their course.

HFT 2016 Ltd T/A FlyUAV

Richard Milner
Flight Examiner P141 | Flight Ops Director P102 | Line Pilot P135
We are a Part 141 Standard Training Organisation and Part 102 Certificated Organisation


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  • Compliant to NZ/AUS 4583 Standards
  • 118.00-137.00 Mhz
  • 5W (PEP) Output power
  • VOR Navigation with CDI
  • 760 Communication channels and 200 Navigation channels
  • 100 Memory Channels
  • 5Mhz Emergency Frequency Recall
  • Semi-Duplex Operation
  • Scanning of COM and NAV Bands
  • Dual Watch Function
  • Side Tone Function
  • LCD Back Light
  • Clearer Voice Communications
  • One Touch Selection of active and standby frequency
  • 1700mah Li-ion battery pack
  • Blue-tooth as standard

Standard Package

Radio 1700mah Battery Fast Charger Belt Clip Tuned Antenna User Manual Adaptor plugs for Aviation Headsets


Frequency Range TX 118.000 MHz to 136.975Mhz RX 108.000Mhz to 136.975Mhz
Channel Spacing 25KHz + 8.33KHz
Type of Emission 6K00A3E (AM) 16K0G3E (FM)
D.C supply Voltage 7.5V
Frequency Stability (-20 C to +55 C) ±2.0ppm
Antenna Impedance 50 ꭥ
Speaker Impedance 4 ꭥ
External Microphone Impedance 150 ꭥ
Temperature Range -20 ~ +55 C (operation) -30 ~ +60 C (storage)
Average Battery Duty Life @ 5/5/90 with BP17L 1700mAh Without power save ≥ 8 hr With 1/3 duty cycle ≥1 16hr With 1/3 duty cycle ≥ 18hr


RF Output Power 1.5W (CW) 5.0W (PEP) Typical
Current Drain ≤ 950mA
Modulation type Low level modulation
Modulation Limiting 70~100%
Modulation depth 85~95%
Conducted Spurious Emissions <1GHz ≤ -46dBM, > 1GHz ≤ -40dBm
Harmonics <1GHz ≤ -36dBm. >1GHz ≤ _30dBm
Audio Harmonic Distortion ≤10% (@ 85%   ± 3dB modulation)
Hum & Noise Ratio ≥ 40dB @ 30% modulation
Adjacent Channel Power ≥ 60dB


Configuration Double conversion super heterodyne 1st IF (46Mhz) 2nd IF (455KHz)
Sensitivity ( 30% modulation) AM ≤ 0.55 uV @ 6dB S/N 1KHz ≤ 0.65 uV @ 12dB Sinad with CCIT FM ≤ 0.5uV @ 12dB Sinad
Squelch Sensitivity AM ≤ 0.25uV FM ≤ 0.3uV
Adjacent Channel Rejection ≥ 60dB
Effective Acceptance Bandwidth @ 6dB≥ ± 8.5KHz
Intermodulation response rejection ≥ 64dB
Cross modulation rejection ≥ 70dB
Blocking ≥ 70dB
Receiver spurious emission ≤ -57dBm from 9KHz to 1GHz ≤ -47dBm from 1GHz to 4GHz
Hum & Noise Ratio ≥ 40dB @ 30% modulation
Spurious Response Rejection ≥70dB
Max Audio Output @ 10% distortion ≥ 0.5W (4 ꭥ) ≤ 300mA
Audio Distortion ≤ 5%
Standby current drain 65 mA (without power save) 35 mA (with 1/2 duty cycle) 20 mA (with 1/3 duty cycle)


Dimensions 54mm x 125mm x 30mm
Weight 0.32kg with BP17L battery
Shock Resistance Meets MIL STD 810 C/D/E/F
Moisture & Dust Resistance According to IEC529 & IP54 regulations