Black Shoulder Harness made in the USA


The Black Shoulder Harness is a low profile two way radio carrying solution. Has three torso adjustment tabs to provide maximum comfort. Creates a “Hands free” working environment, holds your radio safe and secure on the upper left side of your chest. Other features include a zippered rear pocket for storage of small items. Chest harness can also be worn inside or outside most jackets and vests.

  • The two-way radio pouch will hold radio’s 125mm to 184mm tall. The rear tangle proof tab is designed to eliminate tangles and point the elastic torso strap in the direction of the front side release buckle making it easier putting it on.


  • HIGH QUALITY HARNESS as its designed and manufactured in the USA
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Key Features
-Three Way Adjusts Allow Maximum Comfort-
-Simple Design for Easy Operation-
-Radio Pouch Holds up to a 184mm high Two Way Radio-
-Antenna Keepers Secures the antenna in place and out of way-
-Can be Worn Outside or Inside most Jackets or Vests-
-Zippered Compartment for Safe Storage of Small Items-

Standard Package

  • 1x Shoulder harness with straps.