Built the same as the RL-328 but packed with more features, this radio is ideal for Forestry requiring ANI numbers, it also comes with built-in blue tooth as standard.

Ideal for Forestry, construction, traffic management, security where you are requiring a radio with more features like:
* Blue-tooth
* ANI (down to 20ms which is a requirement in some forests)
* Lone worker
* Man Down
* 2400mah Li-ion battery pack giving long lasting talk time

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Technical Specs

  • Frequency Bands: 136-174mhz, 400-470mhz, 450-520Mhz and 476Mhz PRS
  • BUILT IN BLUE-TOOTHcan be paired to any blue-tooth device
  • 20ms ANI for users requiring this setting
  • 256 channels
  • 2100mah Li-ion battery pack giving 16 hours operation on a normal 5/5/90 duty cycle
  • IP54/55 and MIL810 C/D/E/F standard
  • Power output VHF- 5W/1W, UHF 4W/1W
  • 8 digit LCD screen
  • 5/20/25Khz channel spacing
  • CTCSS, DCS, DTMF tones
  • Scan, priority scan, dual watch, priority channel
  • 5 Digit ANI, 5 Tone ANI and 20ms CCIR ANI
  • 5 Tone Selcall as standard, fully compliant and interoperable with all known 5 tone languages
  • Lone worker
  • Man Down
  • 100 alpha numeric tags supporting lone worker, man down and emergency calls
  • Auto ON/OFF signal the RL-328S will automatically log on and off when switched on and off


Size: 125 x 64 x 44mm

Weight:  with battery  380gram

In the Box

2400mah Battery
Fast Charger
Belt Clip
Tuned Antenna
User Manual

Bulk Buy (5 or more radios)

For orders of 5 or more units contact us below to discuss your requirements


Paqua Dry Bag

Paqua Clear dry bags, ideal for keeping all your communications (two way radio and cell phone) plus keys, wallets etc dry while your at the beach, on the water or in high water areas.

  • They are float-able and also you can still communicate via radio even when it is in the bag so no requirement to pull the radio out of the bag when using it, just simply use it as normal!
  • The Internal dimension for Radios to fit in the CLEAR bag is:

Maximum length for radio incl antenna is: 310mm

Width is: 80mm

Depth is: 70mm


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